Our Team Is At Your Service

Our associates have over 100 years of combined experience in servicing colleges, universities. Our clients are our priority, and we tailor our services to support our client’s needs. We respect, listen, learn and deliver professional service. We value the trust our clients place in us and honor it by delivering prompt, efficient and effective services with cordiality, integrity, objectivity and transparency. You can read a sample of the positive feedback we get from clients in the testimonials section or scroll to meet the members of our team.

Shelia Brown, CSFAA

Ms. Brown is the Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Financial Aid Management. She has a wealth of experience working with both small and large colleges. Her experience spans over 35 years. She has served as a financial aid director at several institutions, including Fayetteville State University, Clark Atlanta University, Benedict College and LeMoyne-Owen College. Prior to her financial aid career, she served as an admissions representative. Ms. Brown works closely with our clients and the U.S. Department of Education to resolve Title IV program liabilities, improve financial aid delivery systems, and resolve student financial aid issues. She is a graduate of Fayetteville State University and attended East Carolina University's graduate program. She has been active with the National and Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

Our Associates

Sonja M. Walker, MBA

Ms. Walker is an experienced student financial aid professional with over 15 years in student financial aid services. Combining a mixture of skillful leadership and professional knowledge, Ms. Walker provides exceptional service for our higher education clients and their students. In addition to student financial aid audits, Ms. Walker also provides on-site processing, reconciliation, and other specialized services. Prior to joining our firm, Ms. Walker worked as a financial aid consultant for Peter's Principles. She also served as a director of financial aid for Laurus Technical Institute, a proprietary school in Atlanta, Georgia. Ms. Walker has served on the boards of GASFAA and SASFAA, two professional student financial aid organizations, on both the local and regional levels. Sonja earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Benedict College and master's degree in Business Administration from American Intercontinental University.

Sheri Jefferson, MS

Ms. Jefferson is a financial aid professional with over 20 years of experience in student financial aid services. She has a strong expertise in Title IV compliance with proven results in reducing and/or eliminating audit findings. Her experience expands to areas of student accounts, registration, and enrollment management. Ms. Jefferson has experience streamlining the financial aid processes to improve administration and data flow. She has a broad knowledge of various systems such as Jenzabar EX, PowerCAMPUS, EdConnect, EDExpress, Populi, Banner, Datatel, PeopleSoft, CAMS, and PowerFAIDS. Prior to joining WPG, Ms. Jefferson has served as financial aid director and associate vice president for student affairs. Ms. Jefferson holds a Master of Science degree in Management from Southern Wesleyan University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Benedict College.

Marian Jones

Ms. Jones has 25 years of experience in student financial aid services. Her skills were developed and perfected while working with Interactive Learning Systems, Financial Aid Services, American Intercontinental University and United Education Institute. She has worked in college and university financial aid environments as a director, counselor, file reviewer, student accounts processor and as an auditor. Ms. Jones ascribes her success in financial aid and in life to having been Blessed with an innate ability to connect with diverse personalities and the experience gained while working in corporate compliance and education. This has given her the capability and know how to find just the right path to get the task accomplished. Ms. Jones is a cum laude graduate of Virginia State University with graduate studies in economics at George Washington University.

Trecye F. Coleman

Ms. Coleman’s passion for serving people makes her a valuable asset to our higher education clients where she often provides on-site services working directly with students and parents. She also performs student financial aid compliance audits, on-site processing services and reconciliations. She has over 10 years’ experience in student financial aid and customer service. Prior to joining our firm, Ms. Coleman held many positions such as processor, counselor, and consultant. She works with a variety of financial aid systems such as, PowerFaids, Jenzabar EX, Populi, Banner and EdConnect. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts degree program.




Interim Staffing

We provide long-term and short-term professional and experienced staffing at every level in the Office of Financial Aid. We are ready to fill your student financial aid office's temporary staffing needs. Our associates are experienced professionals who have served as AVPs, financial aid administrators, and office managers. Their knowledge and expertise covers administrative procedures, financial aid processes, and financial aid software.



Consulting Service

Our consulting services are designed to take an in-depth look at the operations of the Office of Financial Aid and staff development.


Heightened Cash Monitoring Support

Program Reviews

Program Review Response

Proactive Strategy

Program Review Preparation

Policies and Procedures

Financial Aid Assessment and Process Review

Financial Aid Management

On-site/Remote Processing



Financial Aid Processing

We provide both on-site and remote processing to serve as an annex to your office. Our team of financial aid associates will be able to provide administrative back-office services to help your current staff meet deadlines.

★   On-site Processing

Our on-site student financial aid processing keeps your student financial aid office running smoothly and efficiently during the tumultuous registration period.

★   Remote Processing

Remote financial aid processing services is an option that can save space, manpower, and resources. Whether you want to dedicate your efforts to advising or simply need to reduce your administrative burden. We can provide remote services that keep your financial aid office running smoothly and effectively. Our remote services significantly reduce your administrative burden so you can focus on providing on-site advisory services. We will work with you to develop a solution constructed to meet your needs.



Training Services

We provide training at all levels of financial aid. Federal regulations are constantly changing and it is absolutely essential that your staff be well trained. Training is a continual process because even slight changes in federal regulations can have a ripple effect on your institution. Periodic training will allow your staff to administer the federal and state programs effectively and efficiently.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid training consist of, but is not limited to, the following:

Core Tasks




The Office of the Registrar is a significant part of enrollment management that has a huge impact on the office of financial aid. We train the registrar on the following federal compliance requirements:

Enrollment Reporting







Compliance is the lifeline of the Office of Financial Aid

Compliance does not stop in the Office of Financial Aid. It is critical for Student Accounts/Bursar and Registrar as well. We offer the following services to ensure that your institution stays in compliance.

★   File Review

★   Verification

★   Audit Preparation

★   Reconciliation

★   Policies and Procedures Review